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raising englannista suomeksi

  1. kasvattaminen

  2. käytöstavat

  3. nousu

  4. korottava

  1. Verbi

  2. Substantiivi

  3. nosto, nousu, nostaminen

  4. kasvatus, kasvattaminen

  5. keräys, kerääminen

  6. rungon pystyttäminen">rungon pystyttäminen

  7. pakottaminen

raising englanniksi

  1. (present participle of)

  2. Elevation.

  3. Nurturing; cultivation; providing sustenance and protection for a living thing from conception to maturity

  4. Recruitment.

  5. Collection or gathering, especially of money.

  6. The operation or work of setting up the frame of a building.

  7. ''to help at a raising''

  8. The movement of an argument from an embedded or clause to a matrix or clause.

  9. A sound change in which a vowel or consonant becomes higher or raised, meaning that the tongue becomes more elevated or positioned closer to the roof of the mouth than before.

  10. The operation of embossing sheet metal, or of forming it into cup-shaped or hollow articles, by hammering, stamping, or spinning.

  11. The substance used to make bread rise.

  12. The process of deepening colours in dyeing.