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qwerty englanniksi

  1. (alternative case form of).

  2. (quote-book), Harold Lancour, and Jay Elwood Daily|title=of Library and Information Sciences|Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science|location=New York, N.Y.; Basel|publisher=(w)|year=1978|volume=24 (Printers and Printing to Public Policy, Copyright)|page=109|isbn=978-0-8247-2024-7|passage=It was the Monotype model D keyboard introduced in 1907 which became the standard for printers, with a "qwerty" typewriter lay and removable keybars which made the keyboard independent of the matrix case arrangement.

  3. (quote-book)|year=1994|page=465|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=9_mVmZ0LPUoC&pg=PA465|isbn=978-0-226-50835-1|passage=The typewriter using separate characters on type bars striking on a cylinder soon dominated the market. Because adjacent striking bars tended to jam when struck rapidly, manufacturers abandoned the alphabetical placement of letters on the keyboard in favor of the left-to-right "qwerty" disposition that takes into account the frequency and sequence of letters in English.

  4. a (l) keyboard