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probability englannista suomeksi

  1. todennäköisyys

  1. Substantiivi

  2. todennäköisyys

  3. todennäköinen tapahtuma">todennäköinen tapahtuma

probability englanniksi

  1. The state of being probable; likelihood.

  2. (RQ:Camden Holland Britain)'' that ſuppoſed and counterfeit daughter of the Ægyptian King ''Pharao'', wedded (forſooth) unto ''Glas|Gaithelus'', the ſonne of Cecrops founder of Athens. But, as this conceit ariſing from the unskilfulneſſe of Antiquitie, is of the better ſort of ingenuous Scots rejected: (..)

  3. (quote-book)|title=Religio Laici: Or, A Layman’s Faith|location=London|publisher=H. Hills|year_published=1710|page=21|pageurl=|passage=Thus, firſt Traditions were a proof alone; / Cou’d we be certain ſuch they were ſo known: / But ſince ſome Flaws in long deſcent may be, / They make not Truth but Probability.

  4. (quote-book)|chapter=Of Probability|title=An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding|edition=3rd|location=London|publisher=Awnsham and John Churchil|year_published=1695|section=book IV|page=376|pageurl=|passage=As Demonſtration is the ſhewing the agreement, or diſagreement of two ''Ideas,'' by the intervention of one or more Proofs, which have a conſtant, immutable, and viſible connexion one with another : ſo Probability is nothing but the appearance of ſuch an agreement, or diſagreement, by the intervention of Proofs, whoſe connexion is not conſtant and immutable, or at leaſt is not perceived to be ſo, but is, or appears for the moſt part to be ſo, and is enough to induce the Mind to ''judge'' the Propoſition to be true, or falſe, rather than the contrary.

  5. An event that is likely to occur.

  6. (quote-book)|title=The Trve Travels, Adventvres and Observations|volume=I|location=Richmond|publisher=William W. Gray|year_published=1819|section=book II|page=115|pageurl=|passage=These waters wash from the rocks such glistering tinctures, that the ground in some places seemeth as guilded, that better iudgements then ours might haue been perswaded, they contained more then probabilities.

  7. (RQ:Landon Ethel Churchill)

  8. The relative likelihood of an event happening.

  9. A number, between 0 and 1, expressing the precise likelihood of an event happening.

  10. (usex)