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pout englannista suomeksi

  1. mutristaminen, mutristus

  2. mököttää

  3. mutristaa

  4. kivinilkka

  5. mustapiikkimonni

  1. mutristaa

  2. mököttää

  3. mutristus, nyrpistys

  4. murjotus, mökötys

pout englanniksi

  1. To push out one's lips.

  2. To thrust itself outward; to be prominent.

  3. To be or pretend to be ill-tempered; to sulk.

  4. To say while pouting.

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  6. One's facial expression when pouting.

  7. 2008, (w), ''Natasha'', written 1924, translated by Nabokov|Dmitri Nabokov

  8. With a pout, Natasha counted the drops, and her eyelashes kept time.
  9. A fit of sulking or sullenness.

  10. Shortened name of various fishes such as the hornpout (''nebulosus'', the bullhead), the pouting (''luscus'') and the eelpouts (Zoarcidae).

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  12. To shoot poults.