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posterior englannista suomeksi

  1. taka-

  2. takimmainen hammas, takahammas

  3. jälkeen tuleva

  4. takapuoli, takalisto

  1. perä-">perä-, perässä oleva">perässä oleva, perällä oleva">perällä oleva, perempi

  2. jäljempi, jälkikäteinen

  3. Substantiivi

  4. peräpää

posterior englanniksi

  1. Nearer the rear or hind end; nearer the caudal end of the body in quadrupeds or the dorsal end in bipeds.

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  3. Relating to or denoting presentation of a fetus in which the rear or caudal end is nearest the cervix and emerges first at birth.

  4. Next to, or facing the main stem or axis.

  5. Following in order or in time.

  6. The hinder parts of the body.

  7. The probability that a hypothesis is true (calculated by Bayes' theorem).

  8. (l) (gloss)

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  10. (qual) coming after, later; next, following

  11. the later of the two, (qual) the younger

  12. (qual) further to the back, hinder, posterior

  13. later in position or order of mention, latter

  14. less important, secondary, inferior

  15. later generations

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  18. posterior, later