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polytope englanniksi

  1. A finite region of ''n''-dimensional space bounded by hyperplanes (a geometric shape with flat sides, existing in any number of dimensions); the geometrical entity represented by the general term of the infinite sequence "point, line, polygon, polyhedron, ...". geometry

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  3. As is well known, the theory of linear inequalities is closely related to the study of convex polytopes.
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  5. This polytope is mapped into a Cartesian force polytope (''resp.'' torque polytope) in the Cartesian space. Such a polytope represents the exact force (''resp.'' torque) that can be produced on the vehicle main body.
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  7. Verify the Hirsch conjecture for the 3-cube, 4-cube and any other polytope that takes your fancy.
    The Steinitz theorem is a very satisfactory understanding of the graphs of three-dimensional polytopes.
  8. polytope