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pleasure englannista suomeksi

  1. nimittämänä

  2. ilo, mielihyvä

  3. huvi

  4. nautinto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. mielihyvä, nautinto, ilo

  3. ilo

  4. Verbi

pleasure englanniksi

  1. A state of being pleased or contented; gratification.

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  4. (quote-song)| year=2019| passage=Maximize all the pleasure / Even with all this weather / Nothing can make it better / Maximize all the pleasure

  5. A person, thing or action that causes enjoyment.

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  7. Festus, willing to do the Jews a pleasure
  8. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity). Now she had come to look upon the matter in its true proportions, and her anticipation of a possible chance of teaching him a lesson was a pleasure to behold.

  9. (quote-journal)| volume=188| issue=23| page=19| magazine=(w)| title=Money just makes the rich suffer| passage=In order to grant the rich these pleasures, the social contract is reconfigured. The welfare state is dismantled. 

  10. One's preference.

  11. The will or desire of someone or some agency in power.

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  13. to meet you, "It's my pleasure"

  14. To give or afford pleasure to.

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  16. To give sexual pleasure to.

  17. To take pleasure; to seek or pursue pleasure.