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plaster englannista suomeksi

  1. rapata

  2. laastari

  3. haude

  4. liisteröidä

  5. kipsi

  6. hautoa

  7. rappaus

  8. kipsata

  9. laasti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. voide

  3. laasti

  4. kipsivalos

  5. Verbi

  6. rapata

  7. peittää, tapetoida, teipata

plaster englanniksi

  1. A paste applied to the skin for healing or cosmetic purposes.

  2. A small adhesive bandage to cover a minor wound; a plaster.

  3. A mixture of lime or gypsum, sand, and water, sometimes with the addition of fibres, that hardens to a smooth solid and is used for coating walls and ceilings; render, stucco.

  4. A cast made of of Paris and gauze; a cast.

  5. of Paris.

  6. To cover or coat something with plaster; to render.

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  8. To apply a plaster to.

  9. To smear with some viscous or liquid substance.

  10. To hide or up, as if with plaster; to cover thickly.

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  12. To bombard heavily or overwhelmingly; to overwhelm with (weapons) fire.

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  14. To over.

  15. band-aid, plaster or plaster

  16. (l), plaster, band-aid

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  18. slice (gl)

  19. comb, honeycomb

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