suomi-englanti sanakirja

piss englannista suomeksi

  1. kuseminen

  2. kusi

  3. pissata

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kusi vulgar, pissa euphemistic, virtsa standard

  3. Verbi

  4. kusta, euphemistic, childish pissata

piss englanniksi

  1. Urine. (defdate)

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Jonson Alchemist)Of piss and egg-shells

  4. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)

  5. (RQ:Joyce Ulysses)

  6. (quote-book)

  7. The act of urinating. (defdate)

  8. 1999, ''Tin House 2'' ((ISBN), Win McCormack, Rob Spillman, Elissa Schappell), page 170:

  9. But the urinal was safe, no unshielded pissing trough, but a nice, modest urinal, with a wall on each side of you so you could have your privacy. ... That was one of the best pisses of my life.
  10. Alcoholic beverage, especially of inferior quality. (defdate)

  11. *1985, (w), ''Yellow Notebook: Diaries 1978–1987'', Text Publishing 2022, p. 140:

  12. ‘Want some advice?’ I said. ‘Stay off the piss. You won't want to be handling this kind of thing with a hangover.’
  13. (n-g)

  14. 1989, Kate Pullinger, ''When the monster dies'', Jonathan Cape:

  15. Irene went down to her studio and brought the painting upstairs. She leaned it against a wall and then she and Mary contemplated it from across the room. &39;It really is piss-ugly,&39; said Mary with a note of grudging affection in her voice.
  16. 2007, C. N. Barton, ''The Cambridge Diaries: A Tale of Friendship, Love and Economics'', Janus Publishing Company Lim ((ISBN)), page 417:

  17. “You are piss funny, Caolan O&39;Donnell, you really are.”
  18. 2016, Rae Earl, ''My Mad Fat Diary: A Memoir'', St. Martin's Griffin ((ISBN)), page 267:

  19. Just watched Black Adder Goes Forth. Can I just say Ben Elton is my bloody hero for ever. If it wasn&39;t for him I would still think voting Tory was OK. And he is piss funny ...
  20. To urinate.

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Merry Wives of Windsor)

  22. (RQ:KJV)

  23. 2008 November 21, Graham Linehan, ''(w)'', Season 3, Episode 1:

  24. ''Roy:'' The work was fiiine. There was ''nothing'' wrong with the work. But they caught him... He pissed in the sink.''Jen:'' Oh. Oh!''Roy:'' Yeah...''Jen:'' Which sink?''Roy:'' All the sinks. Yeah, he basically went on a pee parade around the house.''Jen:'' God|Oh God, I have to fire him.
  25. To discharge as or with the urine.

  26. To achieve easily.

  27. 2018, Carl Fogarty, ''The World According to Foggy'', Hachette UK ((ISBN))

  28. "I'll piss this," I thought. "There's only Gary to beat and I beat him easily in both heats."
  29. To rain heavily.

  30. 1989, Christine Dann, Pip Lynch, ''Wilderness Women: Stories of New Zealand Women at Home in the Wilderness''

  31. She spent that night under her sheet of polythene and 'somehow managed to get only half wet', waking up the next morning to find that 'it had absolutely pissed down through the night'.
  32. 2002, Will Self, ''Feeding Frenzy'', Penguin UK ((ISBN))

  33. Let's face it, they're there for a good stroll on a Sunday afternoon when it's pissing outside.
  34. 2013, Patricia Scanlan, ''With All My Love: A Novel'', Simon and Schuster ((ISBN)), page 102:

  35. Normally she would have left the car at home and walked to the hotel but it was pissing rain and she didn't want to meet Jeff looking like a drowned rat.
  36. 1967, Walter Otto Weyrauch, ''The Law of a Small Group: A Report on the Berkeley Penthouse Experiments with Emphasis on Penthouse V. Parts I and II''

  37. At times he gets irritable, especially if he believes that something has been misplaced or lost: "Piss oh piss! -- where in the hell does everything go around here!"
  38. 1992, Sandra Brown, ''Three Complete Novels'', Wings ((ISBN))

  39. There was nothing left of the sundae except a puddle of white foam muddied by chocolate syrup, with a cherry floating on top. "Oh, piss," she muttered, "the ice cream's melted."
  40. 2014, Michael Wiley, ''Blue Avenue: First in a noir mystery series set in Jacksonville, Florida'', Severn House Publishers Ltd ((ISBN))

  41. Fowler was unresponsive when emergency services arrived and was declared dead at the scene. Fowler worked for the mayor's office for the past three years and twice ran unsuccessfully for city council. Police are asking anyone who saw a green Toyota or Honda SUV near the scene of the accident to contact them.' 'Piss!' Melchiori said again. 'He was a friend of mine.'
  42. (verb form of)

  43. (verb form of)

  44. pee, piss, urine

  45. (inflection of)