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piquant englannista suomeksi

  1. pikantti

  2. kiehtova

  1. pikantti

  2. Verbi

piquant englanniksi

  1. Causing hurt feelings; scathing, severe. (defdate)

  2. Stimulating to the senses; engaging; charming. (defdate)

  3. *1792, (w), ''A Vindication of the Rights of Woman'', Penguin 2004, p. 86:

  4. Their husbands leave home to seek for more agreeable, may I be allowed to use a significant French word, ''piquant'' society .
  5. Favorably stimulating to the palate; pleasantly spicy; tangy. (defdate)

  6. (quote-book)

  7. (quote-book)|year=2005|page=170|isbn=978-1-55832-268-4|passage=Elsewhere in South America, excepting Bahia in Brazil, one does not encounter piquant cuisine, although one may stumble on a piquant dish now and then (..)

  8. (quote-book)|year=2009|page=9|isbn=978-0-7407-7972-5|passage=French charcuterie relies on cloves in the ''quatre épices'', or four-spice powder, for seasoning fine sausages and piquant marinades.

  9. Spiky, spiny.

  10. Of food: piquant, pungent, spicy-hot.

  11. Cold; ice-cold.

  12. Of humor, a joke, ''etc.'': scathing.

  13. attractive.

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  15. |invariable (gerund of)

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