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pickle englannista suomeksi

  1. suolakurkku, pikkelsi

  2. säilöä, säilöä suolavedessä

  3. liemi

  1. maustekurkku in vinegar, suolakurkku in brine, kurkku general

  2. pikkelssi mixed vegetables; pikkelöidyt vihannekset (monikko) ">pikkelöidyt vihannekset (monikko)

  3. liemi, etikkaliemi, suolaliemi

  4. liemi

  5. polttopallo

  6. peittausneste

  7. suolata, säilöä, säilöä etikkaliemeen">säilöä etikkaliemeen, pikkelöidä

  8. peitata

  9. Substantiivi

pickle englanniksi

  1. A cucumber preserved in a solution, usually a brine or a vinegar syrup.

  2. ''A pickle goes well with a hamburger.''

  3. Any vegetable preserved in vinegar and consumed as relish.

  4. A sweet, vinegary pickled chutney popular in Britain.

  5. The brine used for preserving food.

  6. ''This tub is filled with the pickle that we will put the small cucumbers into.''

  7. A difficult situation; peril.

  8. ''The climber found himself in a pickle when one of the rocks broke off.''

  9. 1955, Stout|Rex Stout, "Die Like a Dog", in Three Witnesses (book)|''Three Witnesses'', October 1994 Books|Bantam edition, (ISBN), page 194:

  10. I beg you, Miss Jones, to realize the pickle you're in.
  11. A mildly mischievous one.

  12. (quote-book)

  13. A rundown.

  14. ''Jones was caught in a pickle between second and third.''

  15. A children’s game with three participants that emulates a baseball rundown

  16. ''The boys played pickle in the front yard for an hour.''

  17. A penis.

  18. A pipe for smoking methamphetamine.

  19. ''Load some shards in that pickle.''

  20. A bath of dilute sulphuric or nitric acid, etc., to remove burnt sand, scale, rust, etc., from the surface of castings, or other articles of metal, or to brighten them or improve their colour.

  21. In an landing system, the hand-held controller connected to the lens, or apparatus on which the lights are mounted.

  22. To preserve food (or sometimes other things) in a salt, sugar or vinegar solution.

  23. ''We pickled the remainder of the crop.''

    ''These cucumbers pickle very well.''

  24. (seemoreCites)

  25. To remove high-temperature scale and oxidation from metal with heated (often sulphuric) industrial acid.

  26. ''The crew will pickle the fittings in the morning.''

  27. To serialize.

  28. 2005, Peter Norton ''et al'', ''Beginning Python'':

  29. You can now restore the pickled data. If you like, close your Python interpreter and open a new instance, to convince yourself (..)
  30. To pour brine over a person after flogging them, as a method of punishment.

  31. 1756, (w), diary, quoted in 2001, Glyne A. Griffith, ''Caribbean Cultural Identities'', Bucknell University Press ((ISBN)), page 38:

  32. On Wednesday 26 May, (..) I had enslaved man flogged and pickled and then made Hector shit in his mouth. (..) In July, (..) Gave enslaved man a moderate whipping, pickled him well, made Hector shit in his mouth, (..)
  33. 2016, Christopher P. Magra, ''Poseidon's Curse: British Naval Impressment and Atlantic Origins of the American Revolution'', Cambridge University Press ((ISBN)), page 70:

  34. Naval seamen could also be keel-hauled, ducked, pickled, and flogged around the fleet.
    : page 93, the book explains: A pickled man had his flogged back washed with vinegar.
  35. A kernel; a grain (of salt, sugar, etc.)

  36. A small or indefinite quantity or amount (of something); a little, a bit, a few. Usually in partitive construction, frequently without "of"; a single grain or kernel of wheat, barley, oats, sand or dust.

  37. 1881, (w), "(w)"

  38. (..) ill things are like guid—they baith come bit by bit, a pickle at a time (..)
  39. To eat sparingly.

  40. To pilfer.

  41. pickle (gloss)