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pert englannista suomeksi

  1. pirteä

  1. Verbi

  2. Substantiivi

pert englanniksi

  1. Attractive.

  2. Well-formed, shapely. (defdate)

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  4. Lively; alert and cheerful; bright. (defdate)

  5. (RQ:Shakespeare Midsummer Q1)

  6. 2001, Donald Spoto, ''Marilyn Monroe: The Biography'', chapter 1, (gbooks):

  7. He was instantly attracted to Gladys's pert, fey humor and her good nature.
  8. Especially of children or social inferiors: cheeky, impertinent. (defdate)

  9. 2009, Hilary Mantel, ''Wolf Hall'', Fourth Estate 2010, p. 333:

  10. "You'll not be so pert when the Cornish seize you. They spit children like you and roast them on bonfires."
  11. Open; evident; unhidden. (defdate)

  12. (quote-book). Richard the Redeles,(nb...) The Crowned King,(nb...)|series=Early English Text Society, Part III|seriesvolume=54|location=London|publisher=(...) For the (w) by Trübner|Nicholas Trübner & Co.,(nb...)|year=15th century|year_published=1873|lines=88–90|page=503|pageurl=|oclc=499579000|passage=Some p''ar''led as perte · as prouyd well aft''er'', / And clappid more ffor þe coyne · þat þe kyng oweth h''em'' / Tha''n''ne ffor comfforte of þe comyne (..)|translation=Some talked as openly, as proud well after, / And clapped more for the coin that the king owes them / Than for comfort of the common(nb..)|brackets=on|termlang=en

  13. Clever.

  14. To behave with pertness.

  15. An impudent person.

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  18. horse

  19. pretty, attractive

  20. quaint