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peg englannista suomeksi

  1. koipi

  2. kiinnittää tapeilla

  3. tappi

  4. puujalka

  5. lyödä tappi

  6. vakauttaa

  7. kiinnittää

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tappi

  3. naula esp. for clothes, tappi

  4. Verbi

peg englanniksi

  1. A cylindrical wooden or metal object used to fasten or as a bearing between objects.

  2. A protrusion used to hang things on.

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  4. A support; a reason; a pretext.

  5. A peg moved on a crib board to keep score.

  6. A fixed rate, where a currency's value is matched to the value of another currency or measure such as gold.

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  8. A small quantity of a strong alcoholic beverage.

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  10. 1898, unknown author, ''Harper's Magazine''

  11. This over, the club will be visited for a "peg," Anglice drink.
  12. A place formally allotted for fishing

  13. A leg or foot.

  14. (RQ:Lawrence Sons and Lovers)

  15. One of the pins of a instrument, on which the strings are strained.

  16. (RQ:Shakespeare Othello)

  17. (RQ:Mary Shelley Last Man)

  18. A step; a degree.

  19. (RQ:Barrow Sermon)

  20. (RQ:Butler Hudibras)

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  22. A topic of interest, such as an ongoing event or an anniversary, around which various features can be developed.

  23. (quote-book) all news media keep a supply of features on hand, waiting for a peg to make them topical.

  24. 2010, Barbie Zelizer, Stuart Allan, ''Keywords in News and Journalism Studies'' (page 111)

  25. Journalists and prospective sources wishing to attract their attention are constantly on the lookout for pegs. The process by which a peg is identified is informed by news values.
  26. A stump.

  27. 1961, Colin McCool, ''Cricket is a Game'' (page 123)

  28. Lindy hit the pegs with five deliveries out of six.
  29. The penetration of one's (male) partner in the anus using a dildo.

  30. A serving of brandy and soda.

  31. 1894, Arthur Travers Crawford, ''Reminiscences of an Indian Police Official'' (page 183)

  32. I then ordered a "peg" (brandy-and-soda) to be brought to my tent, and returned to have a smoke before turning in again.
  33. A serving of any hard spirit, particularly whisky.

  34. To fasten using a peg.

  35. To affix or pin.

  36. To fix a value or price.

  37. To narrow the cuff openings of a pair of pants so that the legs take on a peg shape.

  38. To throw.

  39. To indicate or ascribe an attribute to. (Assumed to originate from the use of pegs or pins as markers on a bulletin board or a list.)

  40. To move one's pegs to indicate points scored; to score with a peg.

  41. To reach or exceed the maximum value on (a scale or gauge).

  42. To engage in sex by penetrating (one's male partner) with a dildo.

  43. {{quote-book|en|2007|Blue (author)|Violet Blue|The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex|page=32|url=|isbn=157344278X

  44. To keep working hard at something; to away.

  45. 1911, William Montgomerie Lamont, ''Volunteer memories'' (page 160)

  46. For more than the period of his splendid service in India, which the country was not slow to acknowledge, the Volunteers had kept pegging at it, despite all the official obstacles thrown in the way (..)
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  48. peg

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