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peel englannista suomeksi

  1. kuori

  2. lohkeilla

  3. kuoria

  4. riisuutua

  1. kuoria

  2. kuoriutua

  3. riisuutua

  4. kuori

  5. kuorintavoide

  6. leipälapio

  7. Substantiivi

peel englanniksi

  1. Peel

  1. To remove the skin or outer covering of.

  2. ''I sat by my sister's bed, peeling oranges for her.''

  3. *(RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice)

  4. To remove something from the outer or top layer of.

  5. ''I peeled (the skin from) a banana and ate it hungrily.''

    ''We peeled the old wallpaper off in strips where it was hanging loose.''

  6. To become detached, come away, especially in flakes or strips; to shed skin in such a way.

  7. ''I had been out in the sun too long, and my nose was starting to peel.''

  8. To remove one's clothing.

  9. ''The children peeled by the side of the lake and jumped in.''

  10. To move, separate (off or away).

  11. ''The scrum-half peeled off and made for the touchlines.''

  12. The skin or outer layer of a fruit, vegetable, etc.

  13. The action of peeling away from a formation.

  14. A cosmetic preparation designed to remove dead skin or to exfoliate.

  15. A spatula-like device to remove bread or pizza from an oven.

  16. A stake.

  17. A fence made of stakes; a stockade.

  18. A small tower, fort, or castle; a keep.

  19. A shovel or similar instrument, now especially a pole with a flat disc at the end used for removing pizza or loaves of bread from a baker's oven.

  20. A T-shaped implement used by printers and bookbinders for hanging wet sheets of paper on lines or poles to dry.

  21. The blade of an oar.

  22. An equal or match; a draw.

  23. A takeout which removes a stone from play as well as the delivered stone.

  24. To play a peel shot.

  25. To send through a hoop (of a ball other than one's own).

  26. To plunder; to pillage, rob.

  27. (RQ:Milton Paradise Regained)

  28. (quote-book), and are to be sold at his shop at the Prince's Arms in St Paul's Cathedral|S. Pauls Church-yard| year=1645| page=189| pageurl=|oclc=931321630| passage=''O conſider my caſe, moſt blisfull Queen,'' (..) ''Diſpell thoſe Clouds which hover 'twixt my King and his higheſt Counſell,'' (..) ''that my great Law-making Court be forced to turn no more to polemicall Committees,'' (..) ''but that they may come again to the old Parliamentary Rode,'' To the path of their Predeceſſours, to conſult of means how to ſweep away thoſe Cobwebs that hang in the Courts of Juſtice, and to make the Laws run in their right Channell; to retrench exceſſive fees, and finde remedies for the future, that the poor Client be not ſo peeled by his Lawyer, and made to ſuffer by ſuch monſtrous delays, that one may go from one Tropick to the other, and croſſe the Equinoctiall twenty times, before his ſute be done; (..)

  29. (alt form)

  30. (misspelling of): to sound loudly.

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  32. Oh ! still for me let merry bells peel out their holy chime;
  33. 1901 January 1, "Twentieth Century's Triumphant Entry", ''New York Times|The New York Times'', page 1,

  34. The lights flashed, the crowds sang,... bells peeled, bombs thundered,... and the new Century made its triumphant entry.
  35. 2006, Miles Richardson, ''Being-In-Christ and Putting Death in Its Place'', State University Press|Louisiana State University Press, (ISBN), pages 230–231,

  36. As the tiny Virgin... approaches one of the barrio churches, bells peel vigorously, a brass band launches into a fast-paced tune, and large rockets zoom... .
  37. shovel