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patter englannista suomeksi

  1. kipitys, rapina

  2. ropista

  3. ropsahdella, rapista

  4. puhetulva

  1. tepsutus

  2. rapsahdella

  3. paukutus

  4. paukuttaa

  5. Substantiivi

patter englanniksi

  1. A soft repeated sound, as of rain falling, or feet walking on a hard surface.

  2. ''I could hear the patter of mice running about in the dark.''

  3. (quote-book)

  4. To make irregularly repeated sounds of low-to-moderate magnitude and lower-than-average pitch.

  5. ''The bullets pattered into the log-cabin walls.''

  6. (RQ:Thomson Sprin)

  7. The stealing shower (..) 'Tis scarce to patter heard.
  8. To spatter; to sprinkle.

  9. 1819 (published in 1835) (w), ''Culprit Fay''

  10. Patter the water about the boat.
  11. Glib and rapid speech, such as from an auctioneer or a sports commentator.

  12. 1887, Gilbert and Sullivan, "My Eyes Are Fully Open", ''Ruddigore''

  13. This particularly rapid, unintelligible patter isn&39;t generally heard, and if it is it doesn&39;t matter.
  14. To speak glibly and rapidly, as does an auctioneer or a sports commentator.

  15. 1851, (w), ''London Labour and the London Poor''

  16. I've gone out and pattered (..)to get money.
  17. To repeat the Lord's Prayer.

  18. To pray.

  19. To repeat hurriedly; to mutter.

  20. One who pats.

  21. 1981, Jackie Cooper, Richard Kleiner, ''Please Shoot Dog'' (page 50)

  22. I used to hate head patters, and I have realized that all children dislike being patted on the head.
  23. (infl of)