suomi-englanti sanakirja

paska englanniksi

  1. crappy, shitty

  2. shit

  3. crap, shite

  1. A traditional Ukrainian egg bread, often decorated, used in Easter traditions.

  2. (alternative form of)

  3. bread

  4. 1984, Pamela Munro, cited in ''External possession'' (eds. Doris Payne and Immanuel Barshi), p. 121:

  5. Ofi'-at ihoo-ā paska im-apa-tok.
    dog-NOM woman-OBL bread 3SG:REC-eat-PAST
    'The dog ate the woman's bread.'
  6. to make bread

  7. (noun form of)

  8. Very bad, shitty, crappy.

  9. ''Hän on paskassa kunnossa.''

    ''He is in a shitty condition.''

  10. Broken (used in essive or translative).

  11. ''Tietokoneeni on paskana.''

    ''My computer is broken.''

  12. Of poor quality.

  13. ''Tuo auto on paska.''

    ''That car is a piece of shit.''

  14. shit, crap

  15. ''Astuin koiranpaskaan.'' I stepped in dog shit.

    ''ei tule lasta eikä paskaa'' = that which you are putting so much effort into will produce nothing

  16. bullshit

  17. ''Älä puhu paskaa!'' Stop talking bullshit!

  18. bupkis; shit

  19. Etsittiin tuntikausia eikä löydetty paskaakaan.

    We searched for hours and found bupkis.

  20. Shit!

  21. (romanization of)

  22. solution