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overturn englannista suomeksi

  1. kumous

  2. kumota

  3. kaatua

  4. kumoaminen

  5. mullistaa

  6. kaataa ympäri, kaataa

  7. syöstä vallasta

  8. hylätä

  1. Verbi

  2. kumota, kaataa, ympäri">kaataa ympäri

  3. kumota, kaataa

  4. kumota

  5. Substantiivi

overturn englanniksi

  1. To over, capsize or upset.

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  3. To overthrow or destroy.

  4. To reverse (a decision); to overrule or rescind.

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  6. To diminish the significance of a previous defeat by winning; to make a comeback from.

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  9. Of a body of water: to undergo a (w), where dissolved gas suddenly erupts from the depths.

  10. A turning over or upside-down; inversion.

  11. The overturning or overthrow of some institution or state of affairs; ruin.