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outlook englannista suomeksi

  1. ulos katsominen

  2. näkymä, tulevaisuudennäkymä, näkymät

  3. näkemys, suhtautumistapa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. näköalapaikka

  3. näköala, näkymä

  4. näkemys

  5. tulevaisuudenkuva, tulevaisuudennäkymät (monikko) , näkymät (monikko) , näkymä

  6. Verbi

outlook englanniksi

  1. A place from which something can be viewed.

  2. (syn)


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  4. This fetched tears from the innocent eyes, those Casements and out-looks of the tender heart of our Lord Jesus, who beholding the City ''Ierusalem'' wept over it,
  5. The view from such a place.

  6. (quote-journal)

  7. An attitude or of view.

  8. Expectation for the future.

  9. To face or look in an outward direction.

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  12. ... marke his colour and his shape, that is to say, a comely well proportioned head, with an outlooking eye, good well raised shoulders, and a thicke large breast ...
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  14. A Towre ... is, or ought to be ... mounted with bulwarks, towred with turrets, battailed for out-looking artillerie, enclosed with ditches ...
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  16. ... would we look at the rooms? Outlooking on the piazza, with a balcony from which we could observe the Festa of to-morrow.
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  18. To look at (someone) so long or intently that they look away; to win or prevail over (someone or something).

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  21. Who should outlooke his mate amaz’d:
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  23. ... the news ''of the judgment to come,'' in the Preachers mouth, will be under an heavy suspicion of fraud and cheat, and fine, pass but for fictions ... too weak to outlook a brave glittering temptation:
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  25. Once or twice he attempted to outlook the Saxon prisoner, but Hereward shrank not beneath his glance ...
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  27. The pain which the king suffered would have softened any ordinary heart; but the murderer was a hard and callous wretch, and his brazen eyes outlooked the king.
  28. To be more attractive than (someone or something).

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  30. Nobody’s equipage outlooked ours except my Lord Lieutenant’s, but in every respect I must say Mrs. Clayton outshines her neighbours ...
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  32. ... Sally quite outlooked her sister by the bye, and was very finely drest.
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  34. (w), handsome, stately, outlooked his chief on horseback as on foot.
  35. To inspect throughly; to select.

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  37. Away to the Brook,
    All your Tackle out look,
    Here’s a day that is worth a year’s wishing;
    See that all things be right,
    For ’tis a very spight
    To want tools when a man goes a fishing.
  38. To look beyond (something).

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  40. ... to fit minds to so even a temper, that both should round the same circle, and never out-look the Horizon of their reciprocal Interest, is a work altogether impossible.