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outlive englannista suomeksi

  1. elää kauemmin

  1. Verbi

outlive englanniksi

  1. To live longer than; continue to live after the death of; overlive; survive.

  2. 1592–1609, William Shakespeare, ''Sonnet XXXVIII''.:

  3. And he that calls on thee, let him bring forth / Eternal numbers to outlive long date.
  4. 2003, Bernard O'Donoghue, ''Outliving,'' page 1:

  5. If anything / it makes it worse, your early death, that / having now at last outlived you, I too / have broken ranks.
  6. To live through or past (a given time).

  7. 1897, Henry James, ''What Maisie Knew'':

  8. This must have been the way mamma had first looked at Sir Claude; it brought back the lustre of the time they had outlived.
  9. To surpass in duration; outlast.

  10. To live longer; continue to live.