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  1. itä

  2. orientoitua

  3. suunnata

  4. osoittaa

  5. selvittää asema

  1. Substantiivi

orient englanniksi

  1. Orient

  1. ''Usually preceded by'' (l): (alternative case form of) (defdate)

  2. (antonyms)

  3. (quote-book)

  4. (quote-book)|title=The Fathers not Papists: Or, Six Discourses by the Most Eloquent Fathers of the Church: (...) Translated from the Greek|edition=new|location=London|publisher=Bagster the Elder|Samuel Bagster,(nb...); Sidmouth, Devon: John Harvey|year=1834|page=70|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=VwT_BlUgTz4C&pg=PA70|oclc=558456946|passage=God planted Paradise in Eden, in the orients; and placed there the man whom he had formed.

  5. (quote-book)|year=1855|section=stanza IV|pages=10–11|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=FgonAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA11|oclc=15110630|passage=I pitch my tent upon the naked sands, / And the tall palm, that plumes the orient lands, / Can with its beauty satisfy my heart.

  6. The part of the horizon where the sun first appears in the morning; the east.

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  8. (RQ:Tennyson Princess)

  9. A pearl originating from the Indian region, reputed to be of great brilliance; any pearl of particular beauty and value. (defdate)

  10. (quote-book)|chapter=(smallcaps) 1825. (smallcaps) 30.|title=Thomas Carlyle: A History of the First Forty Years of His Life, 1795–1835 ... Two Volumes in One|series=Harper’s Franklin Square Library|seriesvolume=nos. 245 and 246|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=(publisher)|Harper & Brothers,(nb...)|year=1825|year_published=1882|volume=I|page=174|pageurl=https://archive.org/details/thomascarlylehis00frouiala/page/n197/mode/1up|oclc=663719806|passage=The chambers of the East are opened in every land, and the sun comes forth to sow the earth with orient pearl.

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  13. The brilliance or colour of a high-quality pearl.

  14. Rising, like the morning sun.

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  16. Of the colour of the sky at daybreak; bright in colour, from red to yellow.

  17. (quote-book)|title=Francesca Carrara|volume=2|page=278|text=Then, I do so like the one or two principal walks, neatly edged with box, cut with most precise regularity, keeping guard over favourite plants:—columbines, bending on their slender stems; rose-bushes, covered with buds enough to furnish roses for months; pinks, with their dark eyes; and the orient glow of the marigold.

  18. (synonyms)

  19. Of, facing, or located in the east; eastern, oriental.

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  21. Of a pearl or other gem: of great brilliance and value; bright, lustrous.

  22. (RQ:Hakluyt Divers Voyages)-->|url=https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.69015000005880&view=1up&seq=116|year=1580|passage=Thinges to be carried with you, whereof more or leſſe is to be caried for a ſhewe of our commodities to bee made. Kerſies of all orient coulours, ſpecially of ſtamel fine worsted, brodecloth of orient colours alſo.

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  25. (RQ:Milton Comus)'s&93; orient liquor in a Chryſtall glaſſe / To quench the drouth of ''Phœbus'', ...

  26. (quote-book)|edition=4th enlarged|location=London|publisher=Printed by Roger Norton for Royston|Richard Royston,(nb...)|year_published=1673|page=154|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=sV89AQAAMAAJ&pg=PA154|oclc=800742612|passage=It is neceſſary to ſome men to have garments made of the ''Calabrian'' fleece, ſtain'd with the bloud of the ''murex'', and to get money to buy pearls round and orient; ... well may a ſober man wonder that men ſhould be ſo much in love with Earth and Corruption, the Parent of rottenneſs and a diſeaſe, ...

  27. (quote-book)| chapter=The Match| title=The Works of Andrew Marvell, Esq.: Poetical, Controversial, and Political, (...) In Three Volumes| location=London| publisher=Printed for the editor, by Henry Baldwin, and sold by Dodsley|Robert Dodsley ''et al.''| year=a. 1679| year_published=1776| volume=III| section=stanza II| page=269| pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=_nlUAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA269|oclc=1008041033| passage=Her orienteſt colours there, And eſſences moſt pure, With ſweeteſt perfumes hoarded were, All, as ſhe thought, ſecure.

  28. (RQ:Wordsworth Excursion) books are your's, / Within whose silent chambers treasure lies / Preserved from age to age; more precious far / Than that accumulated store of gold / And orient gems, which for a day of need / The Sultan hides within ancestral tombs.

  29. To build or place (something) so as to face eastward.

  30. (quote-book)|location=London|publisher=Longmans, Green, and Co.|date=25 August 1868|year_published=1869|pages=176–177|pageurl=https://books.google.com.sg/books?id=s-RoAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA177|oclc=1066766778|passage=The first kind of interment was that of leaden coffins, rectangular in shape, covered with a lid, occupying deeper graves than any of the other interments, more or less accurately oriented, sometimes containing coins, as of the Emperor (w) (ob. 383), and sometimes not. ... The second type of interment, also of Romans or Romanised Britons, resembled the first in being more or less perfectly oriented, the orientation varying, probably according as it had taken place in summer or in winter, from E.N.E. to E.S.E. over about 45°; ...

  31. To align or place (a person or object) so that his, her, or its east side, north side, etc., is positioned toward the corresponding points of the compass; to rotate (a map attached to a table) until the line of direction between any two of its points is parallel to the corresponding direction in nature.

  32. (quote-book)|location=New York, N.Y.; London|publisher=Appleton & Company|D. Appleton & Co.,(nb...)|year=1855|section=paragraph 456 (To Orient the Table)|page=309|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=JThRAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA309|oclc=495225117|passage=Without a compass the table is oriented, when set at one end of a line previously determined, by sighting back on this line, .... To orient the table, when at a station unconnected with others, is more difficult.

  33. (quote-book)|year=1963|page=4|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=TJB8wPUYodUC&pg=PT1|oclc=630805879|passage=He orients his photo-scale protractor over the intersection of the base line and compass line extended, by means of the bearing of base line AB (S. 32° W.) and reads bearing of compass line RP to 7 (N. 80° W.).

  34. To direct towards or point at a particular direction.

  35. (ux)

  36. (quote-book) Technical Bulletin|seriesvolume=no. 1296|location=Washington, D.C.|publisher=States Government Publishing Office|U.S. Government Printing Office|month=November|year=1963|page=7|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=aMEXAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA7|oclc=247004459|passage=When a substance is placed in an electric field, the molecules tend to orient themselves in a definite pattern with respect to the direction of the field. The dielectric constant of the material can, for simplicity, be defined as a measure of the degree to which the individual particles are oriented or the material polarized.

  37. (quote-journal)|volume=22|issue=9|issn=1054-4836|page=(gbooks)|passage=The goal is to draw on reservoirs of strength that defy rational thought, so you can wrench your poor, obsessed spirit away from work and orient it toward stuff that matters.

  38. To determine which direction one is facing.

  39. (quote-book)! ... Study and obey the sublime laws on which the frame of nature was constructed; study and obey the sublimer laws on which the soul of man was formed; and the fulness of the power and the wisdom and the blessedness, with which God has filled and lighted up this resplendent universe, shall all be yours!

  40. (quote-journal)

  41. To familiarize (oneself or someone) with a circumstance or situation.

  42. (quote-book), States Department of Labor|U.S. Department of Labor|month=September|year=1991|page=41|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=WYpiIlVUaG4C&pg=PA41|oclc=315749645|passage=Computer Systems Analyst II ... Determines and resolves data processing problems and coordinates the work with program, users, etc.; orients user personnel on new or changed procedures.

  43. (quote-book)|year=1996|page=114|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=8tj2NV3WqE0C&pg=PA114|isbn=978-0-19-507143-6|passage=The first system of attention underlies orienting to and exploration of objects in the environment and is composed of at least two networks involved in orienting to locations in space and object recognition, respectively ....

  44. To set the focus of (something) so as to appeal or relate to a certain group.

  45. (quote-book)|year=1961|page=81|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=GkqUCg07JagC&pg=PA81|oclc=|passage=Whatever the occasion of the public religious observance, whether it was the holding of a temple fair, praying for rain, or celebrating a popular festival, religion came to serve as a symbol of common devotion in bringing people out of their divergent routines and orienting them toward community activities.

  46. To change direction to face a certain way.

  47. (quote-book), Pacific OCS Region|month=February|year=1984|year_published=April 1984|volume_plain=final volume 2|page=8-239|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=xKMYAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA239|oclc=11444464|passage=Observation stations were established at vantage points along the coast to monitor gray whale responses to the sounds generated by the air gun array. ... At 3 miles some whales appeared to orient toward the sound.

  48. Orient

  49. east

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  51. (alternative form of)

  52. east, Orient