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olive englannista suomeksi

  1. oliivipuu

  2. oliivinvärinen, oliivinvihreä

  3. oliivi

  4. öljypuu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. oliivi

  3. oliivipuu

  4. oliivinvihreä

olive englanniksi

  1. A tree, ''europaea'', cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean for its fruit and the oil obtained from it.

  2. The small oval fruit of this tree, eaten ripe (usually black) or unripe (usually green).

  3. The wood of the olive tree.

  4. A dark yellowish-green color, that of an unripe olive.

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  6. An body, part of the oblongata.

  7. A component of a plumbing compression joint; a ring which is placed between the nut and the pipe and compressed during fastening to provide a seal.

  8. A small slice of meat seasoned, rolled up, and cooked.

  9. ''a beef olive''

    ''olives of veal''

  10. Any shell of the genus ''Oliva'' and allied genera; so called from the shape.

  11. An oystercatcher, a shore bird.

  12. Of a grayish green color, that of an unripe olive.

  13. (quote-book)|title=The Dust of Conflict|chapter=22|url=http://openlibrary.org/works/OL4429277W|passage=Appleby(..)rose from his seat when Morales came in. He shook hands urbanely, unbuckled his sword, and laid his kepi on the table, and then sat down with an expression of concern in his olive face which Appleby fancied was assumed.

  14. (quote-journal)|publisher=Stockton Center for the Study of International Law|year=2015|page=393|volume=91|issue=361|passage=The “little green men”—faces covered, wearing unmarked olive uniforms, speaking Russian and using Russian weapons—have played a significant role in both the occupation of Crimea and the civil war in eastern Ukraine.196

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  18. tree

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