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  1. n

n englanniksi

  1. N

  1. The fourteenth letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. (non-gloss definition)

  3. (non-gloss definition) in the Common Israeli, Hebrew Academy (1953 and 2006), and ISO 259 transliteration schemes

  4. (non-gloss definition) in the Common Israeli transliteration scheme

  5. voiced alveolar nasal.

  6. Sample size.

  7. neutron

  8. An arbitrary number.

  9. (Latn-def-lite)

  10. north

  11. noun

  12. neuter gender

  13. normal

  14. Neutral

  15. No

  16. Shortening of ''and'', used in set phrases like ''rock-n-roll''.

  17. (alternative form of)

  18. I

  19. (alternative spelling of)

  20. to, for (gloss)

  21. in the direction of, towards

  22. for, until

  23. because of

  24. (ngd)

  25. (abbr of)

  26. we, us (see usage notes)

  27. ladies (gl)

  28. (syn)


  29. (quote-book)fr.Wikisource|original=El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha|by=Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra|section=Chapter I|passage=Avec ces propos et d’autres semblables, le pauvre gentilhomme perdait le jugement. Il passait les nuits et se donnait la torture pour les comprendre, pour les approfondir, pour leur tirer le sens des entrailles, ce qu’Aristote lui-même n’aurait pu faire, s’il fût ressuscité tout exprès pour cela.|t=With these passages and other similar ones, the poor gentleman lost his judgement. He spent his nights and tortured himself to understand them, to consider them more deeply, to take from them their deepest meaning, which Aristotle himself would not have been able to do, had he been resurrected for that very purpose.

  30. (nonstandard form of)

  31. 1984, Wolfdietrich Schnurre, ''Ein Unglücksfall: Roman'', page 172:

  32. (quote)
  33. 1999, Regula Schmidlin, ''Wie Deutschschweizer Kinder schreiben und erzählen lernen'':

  34. (quote) also die Geschichte hab ich genannt (äh) die Froschsuche weil da war so n Junge und mit em Hund und die haben dauernd ihren Frosch immer angeguckt im Wasser und dann einmal in der Nacht is er weggehüpft (..)
  35. 2012, Gustav Falke, ''Die Kinder Aus Ohlsens Gang'', page 92:

  36. (quote)«
  37. 2014, Manuel Mayer, ''Schwule Akten: Fußballstar und Tennisprofi geoutet'' (Himmelstürmer Verlag), page 58:

  38. (romanization of)

  39. I (first person singular)

  40. (contraction of)

  41. character as a unit of measurement (gloss)

  42. (abbreviation of)

  43. (ja-romanization of)

  44. I (first person singular)

  45. of, (non-gloss definition)

  46. (ux)

  47. (alternative spelling of).

  48. a (+ masculine noun)

  49. OK

  50. (nonstandard spelling of)

  51. (Latn-def-lite)

  52. (form of); a, an

  53. (form of)

  54. The 19th letter of the Serbo-Croatian Latin alphabet, preceded by (l) and followed by (l).

  55. (Latn-def)

  56. (alt sp of)

  57. (Latn-def-lite)

  58. (n-g)

  59. (alt form) (q)