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mug englannista suomeksi

  1. typerys

  2. muki

  3. ryöstää

  4. turpa

  1. muki

  2. slang pärstä

  3. ryöstää

  4. Substantiivi

mug englanniksi

  1. Easily fooled, gullible.

  2. 1920, (w), ''Bulldog Drummond'' Chapter 1

  3. "Great heavens! Is it?" Drummond helped himself to marmalade. "And to think that I once pictured myself skewering Huns with it. Do you think anybody would be mug enough to buy it, James?"
  4. A large cup for beverages, usually having a handle and used without a saucer.(15026846613).jpg|thumb|A mug

  5. (senseid) The face.

  6. (ux)

  7. A gullible or easily-cheated person.

  8. A stupid or contemptible person.

  9. A criminal.

  10. To strike in the face.

  11. 1821, ''The Fancy'', i. p.261:

  12. Madgbury showed game, drove Abbot in a corner, but got well Mugg'd.
  13. 1857, "The Leary Man", in Anglicus Ducange, ''The Vulgar Tongue''

  14. And if you come to fibbery, You must Mug one or two,
  15. 1866, ''London Miscellany'', 5 May, p.102:

  16. "Suppose they had Mugged you?" / "Done what to me?" / "Mugged you. Slogged you, you know."
  17. To assault for the purpose of robbery.

  18. To exaggerate a facial expression for communicative emphasis; to a face, to pose, as for photographs or in a performance, in an exaggerated or affected manner.

  19. To photograph for identification; to take a shot.(R:COED2)

  20. (RQ:Rinehart Hopwood Bat). He'd never been in stir, the bulls had never mugged him, he didn't run with a mob, he played a lone hand, and fenced his stuff so that even the fence couldn't swear he knew his face.

  21. To learn or review a subject as much as possible in a short time; cram.

  22. Motherfucker ''(usually in similes, e.g. "like a mug" or "as a mug")''

  23. (l) (gloss)

  24. dusk, twilight

  25. mold

  26. (topics) A mosquito, a gnat, any fly of the suborder Nematocera except sometimes the larger tropical species (which are commonly called (m)).

  27. A bug, an insignificant individual.

  28. a large cup, generally used to serve cold drinks, a mug

  29. male slave or servant, serf, bondman

  30. (RQ:sga-gloss)

  31. (quote) déu diib: is hed on ɔsecha-som (m).|They are all servants to God; but the disciples had made a distinction between them and (made) gods of them; that is what he corrects here.
  32. (romanization of)

  33. mouse (rodent of the family Muridae)