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  1. hirvi

  1. hirvi

  2. Substantiivi

moose englanniksi

  1. The largest member of the deer family ((taxlink), sometimes included in ''alces''), of which the male has very large, palmate antlers.

  2. ''We saw a moose at the edge of the woods.''

  3. An ugly person.

  4. An Asian girl taken as a lover.

  5. 2005, Rupert Nelson, ''Like the Rings of a Tree'' (page 279)

  6. In military bases in the rear areas it was common for soldiers to have a moose.
  7. 2011, Michael Cullen Green, ''Black Yanks in the Pacific'' (page 75)

  8. Even the lowest ranked serviceman, because of his salary, benefits, and status as an American occupationaire, could afford to “maintain a 'Moose' and still take care of his other obligations.
  9. worm

  10. caterpillar

  11. mouse