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moonlight englannista suomeksi

  1. tehdä kuutamokeikkaa, tehdä keikkaa, tehdä sivutyötä

  2. kuutamo, kuunvalo

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kuutamo, kuunvalo

  3. kuutamoinen, kuun valaisema

  4. Verbi

  5. tehdä sivutyötä">tehdä sivutyötä, tehdä keikkaa">tehdä keikkaa

moonlight englanniksi

  1. The light reflected from the Moon.

  2. c. 1387, (w), Thopas|The Tale of Sir Thopas in ''(w)'',

  3. His bridle as the sunne shone,
    Or as the moonelight.
  4. c. 1595, (w), ''(w)'', Act II, Scene 1

  5. If you will patiently dance in our round
    And see our moonlight revels, go with us;
    If not, shun me, and I will spare your haunts.
  6. c. 1596, (w), ''(w)'', Act V, Scene 1,

  7. How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
    Here will we sit and let the sounds of music
    Creep in our ears: soft stillness and the night
    Become the touches of sweet harmony.
  8. 1751, (w), ''(w)'', Chapter 24,

  9. (..) the sight of the blade which glistened by moonlight in his face, checked, in some sort, the ardour of his assailant (..)
  10. 1798, (w), “The Idiot Boy,” lines 1-4,

  11. ’Tis eight o’clock,—a clear March night,
    The moon is up,—the sky is blue,
    The owlet, in the moonlight air,
    Shouts from nobody knows where;
  12. 1830, (w), “Ballad of the Oysterman,” lines 5-6,

  13. It was the pensive oysterman that saw a lovely maid,
    Upon a moonlight evening, a-sitting in the shade;
  14. (RQ:Charlotte Bronte Shirley)

  15. 1889, (w), ''(w)'', Chapter 12,

  16. (..) What say you, gentlemen, shall we have a moonlight hunt?”
  17. 1897, (w), ''(w)'', Chapter 3,

  18. The windows were curtainless, and the yellow moonlight, flooding in through the diamond panes, enabled one to see even colours, whilst it softened the wealth of dust which lay over all and disguised in some measure the ravages of time and the moth.
  19. 1925, (w), ''(w)'', Chapter 6,

  20. They were still under the white plum tree and their faces were touching except for a pale thin ray of moonlight between.
  21. 1937, (w), ''(w)'', Del Rey, 1982, Chapter 16, p. 272,

  22. It was as if a globe had been filled with moonlight and hung before them in a net woven of the glint of frosty stars.
  23. 1957, (w), “(w)” (song recorded by (w) and (w)),

  24. Let’s go on a moonlight swim
    Far away from the crowd
    All alone upon the beach
    Our lips and our arms
    Close within each other’s reach
    Will be on a moonlight swim
  25. 1958, (w), ''(w)'', London: William Heinemann, Chapter 2,

  26. On a moonlight night it would be different. The happy voices of children playing in open fields would then be heard. And perhaps those not so young would be playing in pairs in less open places, and old men and women would remember their youth.
  27. To work the side (at a secondary job), often in the evening or during the night.

  28. (quote-av)|title=(w)|oclc=1048213736|season=4|number=7|episodes=MPVs as minicabs|time=00:22:29|writers=(w); Paul Kerensa|network=(w)|location=United Kingdom; (w); Channel Islands

  29. (quote-book)|year=2014|author=(w)|publisher=Picador|ISBN=9781250062185|passage=Believing the bones to belong to a cave bear, the quarry owner passed them on to a local schoolteacher, Johann Carl Fuhlrott, who moonlighted as a fossilist.|page=240

  30. To engage in an activity other than what one is known for.

  31. To perform a secondary function substantially different from its supposed primary function, as in protein moonlighting.

  32. To carry out work.