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mislead englannista suomeksi

  1. harhauttaa, johtaa harhaan, vedättää

  1. Verbi

  2. johtaa harhaan, harhauttaa

  3. vedättää, johtaa harhaan, harhauttaa

  4. vietellä, viekotella

  5. Substantiivi

mislead englanniksi

  1. To lead astray, in a false direction.

  2. (quote-song)

  3. To deceive by telling lies or otherwise giving a false impression.

  4. To deceptively trick into something wrong.

  5. ''The preacher elaborated Satan's ways to mislead us into sin''

  6. To accidentally or intentionally confuse.

  7. A wrong or bad lead; a leading in the wrong direction.

  8. (quote-text)

  9. That which is deceptive or untruthful (e.g. a falsehood, deception, untruth, or ruse).