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meter englannista suomeksi

  1. mitata

  2. tasarytmi

  3. runomitta

  4. metri

  5. mittari, mitta

  6. leimata

  1. Substantiivi

  2. mittari, mitta, mittatikku

  3. mittari

  4. tahtilaji

  5. runomitta

  6. Verbi

meter englanniksi

  1. (''always'' meter) A device that measures things.

  2. (''always'' meter) A meter or similar device for collecting payment.

  3. ''gas meter'' (qualifier)

  4. (''always'' meter) One who metes or measures.

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  6. The unit of length in the System of Units (SI), conceived of as 1/10000000 of the distance from the Pole to the Equator, and now defined as the distance light will travel in a vacuum in 1/299792458 second.

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  8. An increment of music; the overall rhythm; particularly, the number of beats in a measure.

  9. The rhythm pattern in a poem.

  10. A line above or below a hanging net, to which the net is attached in order to strengthen it.

  11. A poem.

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  13. To measure with a metering device.

  14. To imprint a postage mark with a meter.

  15. To regulate the flow of or to deliver in regulated amounts (usually of fluids but sometimes of other things such as anticipation or breath).

  16. to put

  17. a metre, or (l) (US) (''SI unit of measurement'')

  18. measurer (gloss)

  19. meter (gloss)

  20. meter, metre (gloss)

  21. godmother

  22. (syn)

  23. to put

  24. to insert

  25. to in

  26. to meddle, interfere

  27. to deliver

  28. (uxi)

  29. (l), a device that measures things.

  30. (l), (l), the unit of length in the System of Units (SI).

  31. (l).

  32. urine

  33. to put, place

  34. (inflection of)

  35. meter (gl)

  36. a metre, or (l) (US) (''SI unit of length'')

  37. to fuck, screw

  38. (pt-verb-form-of)

  39. to put in, insert

  40. to score

  41. to make (qual)

  42. to cram, to stuff, to stick, to shove

  43. to meddle, interfere, to into

  44. a metre; the SI-unit

  45. Rhythm or measure in verse

  46. a meter; a device that measures things.

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