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  1. metafysiikka

  1. Substantiivi

  2. metafysiikka

metaphysics englanniksi

  1. The branch of philosophy which studies fundamental principles intended to describe or explain all that is, and which are not themselves explained by anything more fundamental; the study of first principles; the study of being insofar as it is being (Latin: ''in quantum ens'').

  2. (RQ:Bellow Humboldt's Gift)

  3. ''Philosophers sometimes say that metaphysics is the study of the ultimate nature of the universe.''

  4. The view or theory of a particular philosopher or school of thinkers concerning the first principles which describe or explain all that is.

  5. ''The metaphysics of Thomas Aquinas holds that all real beings have both essence and existence.''

    ''In Aristotelian metaphysics physical objects have both form and matter.''

    ''In his ''Pensées'', Pascal mentioned some first principles recognized within his metaphysics: space, time, motion, and number.''

  6. The metalogic of physics; the logical framework of physics.

  7. ''Even other universes should be a result of different physics. Without rules, these universes wouldn't exist, because they will have an undefined, thus impossible, nature. We will never understand or guess all possible forms of physics. That's why we have to understand the generic metaphysics.''

  8. Any fundamental principles or rules.

  9. 1990 Jan. 1, Lance Morrow, "Gorbachev: The Unlikely Patron of Change," ''Time'':

  10. The metaphysics of global power has changed. Markets are now more valuable than territory.
  11. The study of a supersensual realm or of phenomena which transcend the physical world.

  12. ''I have a collection of books on metaphysics, covering astral projection, reincarnation, and communication with spirits.''

  13. Displeasingly abstruse, complex material on any subject.

  14. ''This political polemic strikes me as a protracted piece of overwrought, fog-shrouded metaphysics!''

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