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meeting englannista suomeksi

  1. kohtaamispaikka, sauma, risteyskohta

  2. kohtaaminen

  3. tapaaminen

  4. kokoontuminen

  5. palaveri

  6. kokous

  1. kohtaaminen, tapaaminen

  2. kokous, palaveri

  3. kokous

  4. tapaaminen

  5. sauma, yhtymäkohta, risteyskohta place

  6. Substantiivi

meeting englanniksi

  1. The act of persons or things that meet.

  2. (ux)

  3. A gathering of persons for a purpose; an assembly.

  4. ''We need to have a meeting about that soon.''

  5. 2019, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  6. In a meeting with government officials, Moon noted that China was “much more advanced” than South Korea in rain-making technologies, his spokesman said.
    : (audio)
  7. The people at such a gathering.

  8. ''What has the meeting decided.''

  9. An encounter between people, even accidental.

  10. ''They came together in a chance meeting on the way home from work.''

  11. A place or instance of junction or intersection; a confluence.

  12. ''Earthquakes occur at the meeting of tectonic plates.''

  13. A religious service held by a charismatic preacher in small towns in the States.

  14. 1939, (w), ''(w)'', p. 20:

  15. You use ta give a good meetin'. I recollect one time you give a whole sermon walkin' around on your hands, yellin' your head off.
  16. An administrative unit in the Society of Friends|Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

  17. ''Denver meeting is a part of Intermountain yearly meeting.''

  18. (present participle of)

  19. meeting

  20. large, public gathering (gloss)

  21. meeting (gloss)

  22. (syn)

  23. (alt sp)

  24. conference (gloss)

  25. (l), gathering (gloss)

  26. meet (gloss)