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  1. manna

  1. Substantiivi

  2. manna

manna englanniksi

  1. miraculous food

  1. Food miraculously produced for the Israelites in the desert in the book of Exodus.

  2. Any boon which comes into one's hands by good luck.

  3. 1596-99, Shakespeare, (w), Act V, scene i:

  4. Fair ladies, you drop manna in the way / Of starved people.
  5. 2010, Giancarlo Gandolfo, ''Economic Dynamics'' (4th ed.), Springer 2010, p. 197f.

  6. The introduction of technical progress in this model can be made in a very simple manner if we assume that it is of the ‘disembodied’ type, that is, something like manna that falls from heaven on ''all'' capital goods, old and new. in original
  7. The sugary sap of the gum tree which oozes out from holes drilled by insects and falls to the ground around the tree.

  8. 1966, Bill Beatty, ''Tales of Old Australia'', National Distributors, (ISBN), page 14, discussing old Australian foods

  9. The icing on the cake was made from manna, which was gathered under the manna gums. Manna mixed with milk made a splendid icing.
  10. manna

  11. fruit of an elm tree

  12. manna (gloss)

  13. manna (gloss)

  14. semolina

  15. (romanization of)

  16. (ngd); this here, he/she/it here.

  17. 2001 Louise Richter, for the Greenlandic Directorate of Culture, Education, Research and Ecclesiastical Affairs/Inerisaavik: "Kisitsineq/matematikki: Misilitsinnerit, naliliineq, atuartitsineq", p. 54

  18. Ukioq manna annertusisamik misilitsinnermi akissutit 431-iupput.
    : This year, there were 431 answers to the expanded test.
  19. to man

  20. (inflection of)

  21. groats

  22. manna (all senses)

  23. why

  24. manna

  25. (l)

  26. a sweetish tree sap, especially of the ash

  27. people

  28. (topics) moon

  29. (topics) month