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loosen englannista suomeksi

  1. avata, löysätä

  2. erotella

  3. löystyä

  4. höllentää

  5. löysentää

  6. höltyä

  7. möyhentää

  1. Verbi

  2. löysätä, höllätä, löyhentää

  3. vapauttaa, irrottaa

  4. helpottaa

loosen englanniksi

  1. To make loose.

  2. (syn)


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  4. (..) after a yeares Rooting, then Shaking doth the ''Tree'' good, by Loosening of the Earth (..)
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  6. His days at the villa had loosened his body and freed his tenseness (..)
  7. To become loose.

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  9. The subtile shower the earth hath softned so,
    And with the waues, the trees tost to and fro;
    That the rootes loosen, and the tops downe sway,
    So that whole Forrests quickly swimme away.
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  11. The sea scurvy is attended with an universal putrefaction, the teeth loosen, old wounds that had been healed again open (..)
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  13. Max caught Bigger’s shoulders in a tight grip; then his fingers loosened and he sank back to the cot (..)
  14. To disengage (a device that restrains).

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  16. At Liberty th’ unfetter’d Captive stands,
    And flings the loosen’d Shackles from his Hands.
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  18. He easily comprehended, that the noise which he had heard was occasioned by his having loosened a chain which attached the image to its pedestal.
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  20. Her hair is drawn back under a heavy enamelled clasp. He loosens the clasp and lays it on the table.
  21. To become unfastened or undone.

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  23. Immediately my Shackles loosened and fell away of themselves (..)
  24. To free from restraint; to set at liberty.

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  26. This is an admirable ''Rule;'' a Painter ought to have it perpetually present in his Mind and Memory. (..) it loosens his hands, and assists his understanding.
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  28. (..) Valancourt, willing to take a more extensive view of the enchanting country, into which they were about to descend, than he could do from a carriage, loosened his dogs, and once more bounded with them along the banks of the road.
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  30. I thought you had more sense than (..) to suppose that because you have fallen into a very common trouble, such as most men have to go through, you are loosened from all bonds of duty (..)
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  32. The recollection loosened a throng of benumbed sensations—longings, regrets, imaginings, the throbbing brood of the only spring her heart had ever known.
  33. To relieve (the bowels) from constipation; to promote defecation.

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  35. (..) ''Feare'' looseneth the Belly; because the Heat retiring inwards towards the Heart, the Gutts and other Parts are relaxed;
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  37. (..) omitting the vehicle of water and honey, which is of a laxative power it selfe, the powder of some Loadstones in this dose doth rather constipate and binde, then purge and loosen the belly.
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  39. When this Fruit guava is eaten green it is binding, when ripe it is loosening.
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  41. Trying to control his breathing and the loosening of his bowels, he crouched still lower (..)
  42. To create a breach or rift between (two parties).

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  44. I had rather lose the battle than that sister
    Should loosen him and me.
  45. To sail away (''from'' the shore).

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  47. (..) after the .iiii. day of oure arryuall in Britayne, the eightene shyps that we spake of before, which hadde the horsemen to conuey ouer, loosened from the further hauen with a soft wynd.