suomi-englanti sanakirja

lima englanniksi

  1. bean

  2. (ux-lite)

  3. (alt case) (n-g-lite).

  4. five

  5. (cln) (l-lite)

  6. (romanization of)

  7. (syn-lite)

  8. (cln) five

  9. five (qualifier)

  10. to cultivate

  11. hand (gloss)

  12. (inflection of)

  13. mucus (gloss)

  14. phlegm (gloss)

  15. phlegm (gloss)

  16. slime (gloss)

  17. slime (gloss)

  18. lime (fruit)

  19. file, rasp

  20. c1300, R. Martínez López (ed.), ''General Estoria. Versión gallega del siglo XIV''. Oviedo: Archivum, page 271:

  21. ''cõmo faz a lyma ao ferro, et a fornaz ao ouro que o purga et esmera et o faz puro et paresçe mellor, et cõmo faz outrosi o máále áá messe que a degrana em çeueyra et parte a palla do graão que e o mellor''
    : as the file does to iron, and the furnace to gold, that purges and cleans it and makes it pure and looks better; and also as the flail does to the harvest, that threshes it into sustenance and parts the straw and the grain, which is the best part
  22. hip rafter

  23. fifth

  24. lime fruit or tree (gloss)

  25. hand

  26. to handle

  27. file (gloss)

  28. a reinforced line at both ends of a dragnet

  29. lime ((taxlink))

  30. hand

  31. file (carpenter's tool)

  32. (l-lite)

  33. five

  34. (obsolete spelling of)

  35. Benton, Richard Anthony, ''Pangasinan dictionary'' (1971)

  36. to farm, cultivate

  37. to plough

  38. lime (gl)

  39. (l-lite) (gloss)

  40. (pt-verb form of)

  41. (cln) fifth

  42. (l-lite) (gloss)

  43. lime (gloss)

  44. lemon (gloss)

  45. (es-verb form of)

  46. to cultivate, to farm

  47. to be five

  48. arm, hand

  49. arm

  50. foreleg