suomi-englanti sanakirja

levy englannista suomeksi

  1. verottaa, periä veroa

  2. vero

  3. kutsua palvelukseen, ottaa sotaväkeen

  4. kutsunta

  1. verottaa, määrätä vero">määrätä vero, kantaa

  2. sakottaa, antaa sakko">antaa sakko

  3. takavarikoida, ulosmitata, ulosottaa

  4. ottaa sotaväkeen">ottaa sotaväkeen, kutsua palvelukseen">kutsua palvelukseen, värvätä

  5. sotia, käydä sotaa">käydä sotaa

  6. veronkanto tax, verotus of tax; sakotus of fine; takavarikko of confiscation, ulosotto of confiscation; sotaväenotto military draft, kutsunnat (monikko) military draft, värväys military draft, värvääminen military draft

  7. verotettavat people, veronmaksajat people, vero tax, verotulo tax

  8. Substantiivi

levy englanniksi

  1. disc, disk

  2. sheet

  3. pane

  4. fauld

  5. board

  6. plate

  7. album

  8. leaf

  9. slab

  10. panel

  1. To impose (a tax or fine) to collect monies due, or to confiscate property.

  2. ''to levy a tax''

  3. (quote-journal)

  4. To raise or collect by assessment; to exact by authority.

  5. *(RQ:Shakespeare Henry 5) my ransom, then, / Will soon be levied.

  6. To draft someone into military service.

  7. To raise; to collect; said of troops, to form into an army by enrollment, conscription. etc.

  8. (RQ:Fuller Church Histor)

  9. Augustine (..) inflamed Ethelbert, king of Kent, to levy his power, and to war against them.
  10. To wage war.

  11. To raise, as a siege.

  12. (rfquotek)

  13. To erect, build, or set up; to make or construct; to raise or cast up.

  14. ''to levy a mill, dike, ditch, a nuisance, etc.''

  15. The act of levying.

  16. 1835-1847, (w), ''The History of Greece''

  17. A levy of all the men left under sixty.
  18. The tax, property or people so levied.

  19. (RQ:Macaulay History of England)

  20. The Spanish real of one eighth of a dollar, valued at elevenpence when the dollar was rated at seven shillings and sixpence.

  21. plate (gloss)

  22. board (gloss)

  23. slab (gloss)

  24. disk (gloss)

  25. recording, disc (gloss)

  26. (short for)