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legged englannista suomeksi

  1. -jalkainen

  1. jalallinen having leg or legs; -jalkainen, -säärinen having certain type of legs; -lahkeinen of garments, having certain type of legs

legged englanniksi

  1. Having legs of a certain specified type or number. (defdate)

  2. ''Many of the big African spiders are hairy-legged.''

    ''Giraffes are the longest-legged animals.''

  3. (quote-book)

  4. Having legs; provided with legs. (defdate)

  5. ''A robot which runs at a speed of over 29mph has set a new land-speed record for legged robots''

  6. Wounded in the leg, especially as part of a hunt. (defdate)

  7. *1792, (w), ''Anna St. Ives'', vol. IV, letter 61:

  8. Spring guns and man traps have been set for me, and I am legged!
  9. Someone or something having a certain number or type of legs

  10. ''Humans are not the only two-leggeds in the world.''

  11. (en-past of)