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latch englannista suomeksi

  1. salpa, säppi

  2. lukita, panna säppiin, salvata

  3. lukko

  1. salvata, panna säppiin">panna säppiin

  2. säppi, salpa

  3. kiikku

  4. varsijousi

latch englanniksi

  1. To close or lock as if with a latch.

  2. To catch; hold of.

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  4. A fastening for a door that has a bar that fits into a notch or slot, and is lifted by a lever or string from either side.

  5. 1912: (w), (w), Chapter 4

  6. The cleverly constructed latch which Clayton had made for the door had sprung as Kerchak passed out; nor could the apes find means of ingress through the heavily barred windows.
  7. A flip-flop electronic circuit

  8. A latching.

  9. A crossbow.

  10. That which fastens or holds; a lace; a snare.

  11. (rfquotek)

  12. A breastfeeding baby's connection to the breast.

  13. A lightweight lock to protect internal structures from being modified by multiple concurrent accesses.

  14. To smear; to anoint.