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  1. kappa

  1. kappa

  2. Substantiivi

kappa englanniksi

  1. kaph

  2. cornice, valance

  1. The tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

  2. A measurement of the sensitivity of the value of an option to changes in the implied volatility of the price of the underlying asset.

  3. A tortoise-like creature.

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  5. Kappa; the script|Greek letter Κ (lowercase κ).

  6. kappa

  7. An old of measure for volume of dry things, still used for potatoes in market squares. A modern ''kappa'' is equal to 5 liters (''iso kappa''), or 2 liters (''pikku kappa''), but during the period of autonomy under Russia it was 1/30 of (m) or 5.4961 liters, and before that under the Swedish rule it was 1/32 of ''tynnyri'' or 4.58 liters. A further complication is that Swedish and Russian barrels were not of equal size.

  8. pelmet

  9. women's overcoat

  10. kappa (gloss)

  11. kappa (gloss)

  12. kappa (gloss)

  13. (l) (Greek letter)

  14. (n-g) Κ/κ; (l)

  15. (Latn-def); (l)

  16. (ja-romanization of)

  17. (inflection of)

  18. (definite plural of)

  19. to cut, chop something off quickly in one go

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  22. to compete in something

  23. kappa, a Greek letter

  24. kappa a Japanese mythological creature

  25. kappa; the Greek letter Κ, κ

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  27. kappa (Greek letter)