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kamikaze englannista suomeksi

  1. itsemurhalentäjä, kamikazelentäjä

  2. kamikaze

  1. Substantiivi

  2. itsemurhahyökkäys

  3. itsemurhapommittaja

  4. Verbi

kamikaze englanniksi

  1. An attack requiring the suicide of the one carrying it out, especially when done with an aircraft.

  2. One who carries out a suicide attack, especially with an aircraft.

  3. One who takes excessive risks, as for example in a sporting event.

  4. A cocktail made of equal parts vodka, sec and juice.

  5. A deliberate wipeout.

  6. To destroy (a ship, etc.) in a suicide attack, especially by crashing an aircraft.

  7. To carry out a suicide attack, especially by crashing an aircraft.

  8. To fail disastrously.

  9. suicidal, risking one's own life

  10. (quote-journal)|location=Washington, D.C.|publisher=(w)|month=February|year=2018|issn=0027-9358|oclc=1049714034|passage=Sheathed in helmets, gloves, and jackets, they look more like manic video game figures than humans. They weave through traffic and around double-decker buses at kamikaze velocity.

  11. kamikaze

  12. kamikaze (gloss)

  13. kamikaze (gloss); bomber

  14. the typhoons that saved Japan from invasion, divine wind

  15. a kamikaze, a suicide pilot in War Two

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  17. driver, driver