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inward englannista suomeksi

  1. sisä-, sisäinen

  2. sisäänpäin

  3. sisäänpäin suuntautunut

  1. sisä-, sisäinen, sisäänpäin suuntautunut">sisäänpäin suuntautunut

  2. sisemmäs, sisemmäksi

  3. Substantiivi

inward englanniksi

  1. Situated on the inside; that is within, inner; belonging to the inside. (defdate)

  2. Not superficially obvious, inner, not expressed, especially relating to mental or spiritual faculties as opposed to external ones.

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  4. Moving or tending toward the inside.

  5. Not directed toward the outside world, and thus quiet or indistinct.

  6. Internal to a particular place or country; not foreign, domestic.

  7. Secret, private, kept hidden.

  8. Coming from one’s inmost or sincerest feelings; heartfelt, earnest.

  9. Intimate, closely acquainted; familiar, close. (defdate)

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  13. Devoted to spiritual matters, pious, devout.

  14. Tame.

  15. Internal; applied through the stomach by being swallowed.

  16. Towards the inside. (defdate)

  17. Towards one’s mind, thoughts, or internal self.

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  19. (quote-book)

  20. On the inside, within, inside.

  21. In one’s mind, thoughts, or internal self.

  22. That which is inward or within; the inner parts or organs of the body; the viscera.

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  24. The mental faculties or other characteristics not immediately apparent.

  25. A familiar friend or acquaintance.

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  27. inwards, to the interior, especially referring to:

  28. One's physical existence or body

  29. One's mental state or soul

  30. While located within the inside of an entity, especially referring to:

  31. inside, (l), in the interior; the following special senses exist:

  32. For the inside; internal

  33. religious, inside the mind

  34. emotionally powerful, emotionally true

  35. unknown, esoteric

  36. The interior of a given thing

  37. innards; guts

  38. reasoning, deductive ability

  39. To the inside