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invertebrate englannista suomeksi

  1. selkärangaton

  1. Substantiivi

  2. selkärangaton

invertebrate englanniksi

  1. An animal without vertebrae, i.e. backbone.

  2. A spineless person; a coward.

  3. Lacking a backbone; without vertebrae.

  4. 1860, ''Recreative Science'' (page 110)

  5. Tear it up, and put a fragment under the microscope, and, wonder of wonders! see the maze of geometric forms exhibited in the bones of the creature; for who can help regarding the spicules as bones, even though a sponge be invertebrate?
  6. Cowardly, uncourageous; lacking character.

  7. (syn)

  8. (quote-journal)|title=Iran’s brave and powerful gesture is a small wonder from a World Cup of woe|journal=(w)|url=|passage=This week Fifa’s morally invertebrate president, Gianni Infantino, gave a speech that attempted to paint his World Cup as a marker of a grand struggle between the bright new world and corrupt old Europe, with Infantino himself the Mandela at its centre.

  9. (feminine plural of)