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intestine englannista suomeksi

  1. suoli, suolisto

  1. suolisto, suoli (monikko) / suolet

  2. suoli

intestine englanniksi

  1. The canal of an animal through which food passes after having passed all stomachs.

  2. One of certain subdivisions of this part of the alimentary canal, such as the intestine|small or intestine in human beings.

  3. Domestic; taking place within a given country or region.

  4. 1615, Ralph Hamor, ''A True Discourse of the Present State of Virginia'', Richmond 1957, p.2:

  5. It being true that now after fiue yeeres intestine warre with the reuengefull implacable Indians, a firme peace (not againe easily to be broken) hath bin lately concluded(nb..).
  6. 1776, (w), ''The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'', ch.1,

  7. Yet the success of Trajan, however transient, was rapid and specious. The degenerate Parthians, broken by intestine discord, fled before his arms.
  8. Internal.

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  12. a perpetual intestine struggle(..)between authority and liberty
  13. Depending upon the internal constitution of a body or entity; subjective.

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  15. Every thing labours under an intestine necessity.
  16. Shut up; enclosed.

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