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interrogative englannista suomeksi

  1. kysyvä

  2. kysymys

  3. kysymys-

  1. interrogatiivinen

  2. Substantiivi

  3. kysymyssana

  4. kysymys

interrogative englanniksi

  1. Asking or denoting a question: as, an interrogative phrase, pronoun, or point.

  2. 1877: Dwight Whitney|William Dwight Whitney, ''Essentials of English Grammar for the Use of Schools'' §470

  3. The regular place of the interrogative word, of whatever kind, is at the beginning of the sentence, or as near it as possible.
  4. Pertaining to inquiry; questioning

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  6. 1847: Charles Sealsfield, ''Rambleton: A Romance of Fashionable Life in New-York during the Great Speculation of 1836'' (OCLC), page 127:

  7. Thus speaking, the good man regarded his lady with an interrogative look. "I do n't know, dear!" she replied kindly, and sighing again.
  8. A word (pronoun, pronominal adjective, or adverb) implying interrogation, or used for asking a question: ''why, who, when,'' etc.

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  10. 1824, J. Johnson, ''Typographia'':

  11. There be five manner of points and divisions most used among cunning men; the which if they be well used, make the sentence very light and easy to be understood, both to the reader and hearer: and they be these, virgil,—come,—parenthesis,—point,—interrogative.
  12. 1842, F. Francillon, ''An Essay on Punctuation'', page 9:

  13. Whoever introduced the several points, it seems that a ''full-point'', a point called ''come'', answering to our colon-point, a point called ''virgil'' answering to our comma-point, the ''parenthesis-points'' and ''interrogative-point'', were used at the close of the fourteenth, or beginning of the fifteenth century.
  14. A question; an interrogation.

  15. 1819: Walter Scott|Sir Walter Scott, ''A Legend of Montrose'', xii

  16. "Who are you, sir, and what is your business?" demanded the Marquis... "That is a fair interrogative, my lord," answered Dalgetty.
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  20. interrogatively

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