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interested englannista suomeksi

  1. jota asia koskee

  2. kiinnostunut

  1. kiinnostunut

  2. Verbi

interested englanniksi

  1. Having or showing interest.

  2. ''I'm very interested in going to see that play.''

  3. Motivated by considerations of self-interest; self-serving.

  4. *1751, (w), ''The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle'', vol. III, ch. 88:

  5. I was even mortified at those instances of his liberality, which my situation compelled me to receive, lest, being but little acquainted with my disposition, he should suspect me of being interested in my love (..).
  6. 1817, (w), ''Rob Roy'':

  7. they impressed my youthful mind with a sincere aversion to the northern inhabitants of Britain, as a people bloodthirsty in time of war, treacherous during truce, interested, selfish, avaricious, and tricky in the business of peaceful life, and having few good qualities ....
  8. Owning a share of a company.

  9. (en-past of)