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interact englannista suomeksi

  1. vuorovaikuttaa, olla vuorovaikutuksessa

  1. Verbi

  2. olla vuorovaikutuksessa">olla vuorovaikutuksessa, vuorovaikuttaa

  3. Substantiivi

interact englanniksi

  1. To act upon each other.

  2. To engage in communication and other shared activities (''with'' someone).

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  4. To affect each other.

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  8. A short act or piece between others, as in a play; a break between acts.

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  11. (..) the flight of time is best indicated by an interact. When the curtain is down, the action on the stage remains, as it were, in suspense. The audience lets its attention revert to the affairs of real life; and it is quite willing, when the mimic world is once more revealed, to suppose that any reasonable space of time has elapsed (..)
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  13. Intermediate employment or time.

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  15. Play, in good company, is only play, and not gaming; not deep, and consequently not dangerous nor dishonourable. It is only the inter-acts of other amusements.
  16. A pair or series of acts involving more than one person.

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