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instinct englannista suomeksi

  1. jotakin uhkuva

  2. vaisto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vaisto, vietti

  3. vaisto

instinct englanniksi

  1. A natural or inherent impulse or behaviour.

  2. ''Many animals fear fire by instinct.''

  3. *(RQ:Shakespeare Richard 3)

  4. (quote-book)|| passage=In spite of these qualifications, the broad distinction between instinct and habit is undeniable. To take extreme cases, every animal at birth can take food by instinct, before it has had opportunity to learn; on the other hand, no one can ride a bicycle by instinct, though, after learning, the necessary movements become just as automatic as if they were instinctive.

  5. An intuitive reaction not based on rational conscious thought.

  6. ''an instinct for order; to be modest by instinct''

    ''Debbie's instinct was to distrust John.''

  7. Imbued, charged ((m) something).

  8. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost) / Itself instinct with spirit, but convoyed / By four cherubic shapes.

  9. 1838, (w), ''Historical Sketches of Statesmen Who Flourished in the Time of George III''

  10. a noble performance, instinct with sound principle
  11. 1857, (w), ''(w)''

  12. Her eyes, whose colour I had not at first known, so dim were they with repressed tears, so shadowed with ceaseless dejection, now, lit by a ray of the sunshine that cheered her heart, revealed irids of bright hazel – irids large and full, screened with long lashes; and pupils instinct with fire.
  13. 1899, John Buchan, ''No Man's Land''

  14. It was a most Bedlamite catalogue of horrors, which, if true, made the wholesome moors a place instinct with tragedy.
  15. (RQ:Lovecraft Cthulhu)

  16. (l) (gloss)

  17. instinct

  18. gut feeling