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infuriate englanniksi

  1. To make furious or mad with anger; to fill with fury.

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  3. 1615, (w), ''Sacred Hymns, Consisting of fifti select psalms of David and others, paraphrastically turned into English verse,'' London, “Psalm(nbs)2,” p.(nbs)2,

  4. What graceles fears, strange hates, may Nations so affright,
    Infuriate so; gainst God with mad attempts to fight?
  5. 1796, (w), ''(w),'' London: J. Owen, Letter(nbs)2, p.(nbs)105,

  6. They tore the deputation of the Clergy to pieces by their infuriated declamations and invectives, before they lacerated their bodies by their massacres.
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  9. I had (..) no notion that the working class were human beings.(..) I could agonise over their sufferings, but I still hated them and despised them when I came anywhere near them. I was still revolted by their accents and infuriated by their habitual rudeness.
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  12. Filled with, characterized by or expressing fury.

  13. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  14. (RQ:Thomson Seasons) the steady tyrant man,Who with the thoughtless insolence of powerInflam’d, beyond the most infuriate rageOf the worst monster that e'er howl'd the waste,For sport alone takes up the cruel tract,

  15. (RQ:Thackeray Vanity Fair) she housed and sheltered Mrs. Posky, who fled from her bungalow one night, pursued by her infuriate husband, wielding his second brandy bottle (..)

  16. 1929, (w), ''(w),'' New York: Modern Library, Chapter(nbs)20, p.(nbs)280,

  17. With an infuriate scream the dead awakened.
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  19. Until Peyton was born, bleak doubt assailed him. He looked at his wife’s body with suspicion and his own with infuriate guilt.
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