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inevitable englannista suomeksi

  1. väistämätön

  2. vääjäämätön

  3. väistämätön asia

  1. väistämätön, vääjäämätön, välttämätön

  2. ennalta arvattava

  3. Substantiivi

inevitable englanniksi

  1. Impossible to avoid or prevent.

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  4. Predictable, or always happening.

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  6. 1912, Cather|Willa Cather, ''Bohemian Girl (short story)|The Bohemian Girl''

  7. This horse and rider, with their free, rhythmical gallop, were the only moving things to be seen on the face of the flat country. They seemed, in the last sad light of evening, not to be there accidentally, but as an inevitable detail of the landscape.
  8. Something that is predictable, necessary, or cannot be avoided.

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  12. (l); unavoidable

  13. inevitable, inescapable, unavoidable (gloss)

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