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inertia englannista suomeksi

  1. velttous

  2. jatkavuus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. hitaus, inertia, vitka, jatkavuus

  3. vastahakoisuus

  4. velttous, inertia

inertia englanniksi

  1. The property of a body that resists any change to its uniform motion; equivalent to its mass.

  2. In a person, unwillingness to take action.

  3. (RQ:Carlyle French Revolutio)

  4. Men (..) have immense irresolution and inertia.
  5. 2014, Jacob Steinberg, "Wigan shock Manchester City in FA Cup again to reach semi-finals", ''The Guardian'', 9 March 2014:

  6. City had been woeful, their anger at their own inertia summed up when Samir Nasri received a booking for dissent, and they did not have a shot on target until the 66th minute.
  7. Lack of activity; sluggishness; said especially of the uterus, when, in labour, its contractions have nearly or wholly ceased.

  8. inertia

  9. (syn)

  10. want of art or skill, unskillfulness, ignorance

  11. inactivity, idleness, laziness, indolence

  12. (nb-former)