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incompetent englannista suomeksi

  1. epäpätevä

  2. oikeustoimikelvoton, vajaavaltainen

  3. pystymätön, kyvytön

  4. taitamaton

  1. epäpätevä, taitamaton

  2. kykenemätön, kyvytön, pystymätön, vajaavaltainen

  3. Substantiivi

incompetent englanniksi

  1. Unskilled; lacking the degree of ability that would normally be expected.

  2. (syn)

    ''Having an incompetent lawyer may be grounds for a retrial, but the lawyer in question probably doesn't know that.''

  3. Unable to make rational decisions, insane or otherwise cognitively impaired.

  4. ''The charged was judged incompetent to stand trial, at least until his medication started working.''

  5. Of the cervix: opening too early in pregnancy, provoking the baby to be born.

  6. Not resistant to deformation or flow.

  7. A person who is incompetent.

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