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imperium englannista suomeksi

  1. imperiumi
  2. auktoriteetti
  1. Substantiivi

imperium englanniksi

  1. Supreme power; dominion.

  2. The right to command the force of the state; sovereignty.

  3. empire

  4. (syn)

  5. The empire, state, imperial government, realm, dominion.

  6. The right or power to command or be in control; dominion.

  7. Absolute command over the empire (or other polity); sovereignty; sway.

  8. Military authority, the command (of an army).

  9. (Q)

  10. The exercise of authority, rule, law, control.

  11. A command, order, direction, bidding.

  12. an (l)

  13. an empire (gloss)

  14. (ux)

  15. an empire (gloss)