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ictus englannista suomeksi

  1. kohtaus

  1. Substantiivi

ictus englanniksi

  1. The pulse.

  2. A sudden attack, blow, stroke, or seizure, as in a sunstroke, the sting of an insect, pulsation of an artery, etc.

  3. The stress of voice laid upon an accented syllable of a word. Compare (m).

  4. In conducting, the indication of a musical event, most often the beat of the tempo or the entry of a section of the orchestra.

  5. ictus, stroke

  6. (syn)

  7. hit, struck, blow

  8. (Q)

  9. stabbed, stung

  10. a blow, stroke, stab, thrust, bite, sting

  11. a striking, playing on the lyre

  12. the stroke of a wing

  13. a stroke of lightning, lightning

  14. (prosody, music) a beating time, a beat

  15. a beat of the pulse

  16. an attack, shot

  17. stroke, ictus